17812 S Main St.  Carson, California 90248.  (424) 292-3153

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SoCal Vibes Co

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Brewery    Tasting room    kitchen


THe brewery

over 40 unique house brewed ciders, meads, craft beers

Our libations were born of necessity & resourcefulness and carried on for generations. The recipes are steeped in tradition and the tastes refined by the warm Southern California sunshine. Made with fresh and local ingredients and Honest values…just the way you want it to be.


all day menu
local delivery

We offer a delicious selection of Starters, Tacos, Sandwiches, House Specialties, Side Dishes & Sweet Treats.  Many of our meat dishes are smoked in our own Smoker Oven, using only the finest wood smoke for a unique Southern California flavor. A large selection of our Ciders, Meads & Brandies are also available for delivery or take-out.


weekly events
private parties
special Events

From "Taco Tuesdays" to live DJ's spinning on Thursdays, there's always something going on at SoCal Vibes. Our upstairs loft & outdoor patio are also available for Private Parties and events. Everything from fun birthday celebrations to elegant Wedding receptions... We do it all!


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socal vibes eats

Dine-in, Take-out or Local Delivery


SoCal Salsa w/Tortilla Chips....    $5.95

SoCal Guac w/Tortilla Chips....    $8.45

Pretzel Bites....                                 $6.95

Buffalo Wings....                            $11.45

Poke Nachos....                               $14.95

Smoked Pulled Pork Nachos....   $13.95

Cowboy Surfer Nachos....             $14.95

Shrimp Nachos....                          $14.95



Taco Trio (1 of each)....                 $10.95

House Smoked Pulled Pork....      $3.95

Grilled Shrimp....                             $3.95

Vegan Avocado....                            $3.95


"Taco Tuesdays"

All tacos $1.95 each


seasonal specialty

Coming soon...


House Poke Bowl....                                      $11.95

SoCal Poke Bowl....                                        $11.95

Poke Burrito....                                               $11.95

Black Cherry Brandy Baby Back Ribs....   $13.95

Vegan Beyond Burger....                               $10.95

House Burger....                                               $9.95

Southwest Burger....                                      $10.95

Grown-up Grilled Cheese....                           $7.95

House Salad....                                                  $6.95

Pulled Pork Sandwich....                                 $9.95

House Smoked Brisket Sandwich....            $14.95

"Ciders & Sliders"....                                        $11.95

         1 Sweet, 1 Savory, 1 Spicy


Green Apple Slaw....                                          $1.95

Vegan Macaroni Salad...                                  $2.95

Smoked Cowboy Beans....                                $2.95

Lemon & Herb Potato Salad....                       $2.95

Kettle Chips....                                                    $1.95

         Jalapeno, BBQ, Sweet Onion, Sea Salt

sweet treats

2 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream....                        $3.95

Chocolate Cheesecake....                                 $5.95

Churro....                                                            $3.95

Cider Float....                                                     $8.95


Socal Vibes co
on tap & available to go

Socal Vibes Company is a house of craft brands, some produced onsite, others we produce offsite and the rest are

Gifts from local surf buddies of ours. We're all here for the "Good Fun. Good Friends. Great Brews."

1% For the Planet: Donated to the Surfrider Foundation for protecting our oceans, waves & beaches.

socal ciders

Wipeout" High & Dry champagne 8% ABV

"Best Coast" Semi-sweet Apple 6.9% ABV

"Endless Summer" Pineapple 5% ABV

"Orange Sunshine" Mimosa Cider 5% ABV

"Life's a Peach" Semi-sweet Peach 5% ABV

"Sex Wax" Chocolate & Raspberry 5% ABV

hard kombuchas

House Sangria
by the pitcher   $25

Red Apple ~ 10% ABV

Pineapple Rose ~ 10% ABV

socal dreamin'
hard seltzer

Ask your server or bartender for our

Rotatimg releases ~ 5% ABV

devil city winery

Chili Raspberry Kombucha ~ 4% ABV

Strawberry Kiwi Kombucha ~ 4% ABV

Berry Good Kombucha ~ 4% ABV

craft beers

Blonde, Mexican Lager, Hefeweizen, Hazy IPA

West Coast IPA, Double IPA, Amber Ale, Stout

Sinnamon Cabarnet ~ 12% ABV

Cosmo Grigio ~ 12% ABV


Straight Up Michelada

Fruit Cart Michelada

brandy cocktails  $10.99
All made with our house made brandies

avail to-go ~ 16oz $10.99 or 32oz $19.99

Blue Californian - Honest Abe Brandy + Tropicali Cider blend + lager + coconut + Blue Curacao

Mangotini - mango + Life's A Peach Cider + Endless Summer Pineapple Cider

Spicy Margarita - Honest Abe Brandy + Limoncello Cider + Habanero + watermelon

SoCal Margarita - Honest Abe Brandy + Orange Sunshine + Limoncello 

Coffee Abraham - vanilla ice cream + Honest Abe Brandy + coffee liqueur

tasters $3    cider flight $15    Cocktail flight $24
Pints $7-$9     add Tajin for 25 cents


honest abe
"Forefather of craft"

As part of our commitment to make a sustainable difference, we offer our cider in a reusable

bottle with hopes that it doesn’t go into a landfill. Please reduce, reuse and recycle.

Southern california's original

cider house since 2014

"Bombegranate" ~ 7% ABV

"Sour Patch" ~ 7% ABV

"Limoncello" ~ 7% ABV

"PB&J" ~ 7% ABV

Watermelon Habanero ~ 7% ABV

"Chai Pumpkin Spice" ~ 7% ABV


"Mexican Lollipop" ~ 7%

The oldest alcohol known to man,
LA's first & only mead made with local honey

Dry Mead ~ 8.5% ABV

Wildflower Semi-Sweet ~ 8.5% ABV

Lychee ~ 8.5% ABV

"Cactus Kooler" ~ 8.5% ABV

Blueberry ~ 8.5% ABV

"Fall Harvest" Organic Maple Mead ~ 8.5% ABV


Passionfruit ~ 7%

Rotating barrel-aged ciders

Very special "Freedom Fighter" 9% ABV series aged TWO YEARS in a variety of oak barrels.

A true tasting experience with new flavors and notes coming through as it warms up in your glass.

Lots of tart, oaky, vanilla and some funky. Rotating single barrel, barrel blends and "fruited" options.

Cask Strength Brandy

115 Proof ~ 100% Organic, aged two years in craft Whisky barrels. Southern California's

First-ever run of a commercial Apple Brandy, Only twenty cases ever made for the finest aficionados. 

$99/500ml + Branded Snifter

house brandy
SoCal's first and only small batch brandy

"Apple Pie Moonshine" ~ 48 Proof

"SoCal's Original" Apple Brandy ~ 24% ABV

"Founding Father" Black Cherry Brandy ~ 24% ABV

available by the pitcher

Red Apple ~ 10% ABV

Pineapple Rose ~ 10% ABV

honest abe pricing

Taster:    Cider $3.25.    Mead $3.50.    Sangria $3.25.    Barrel-Aged $3.50

Glass:    Cider $7-8.    Mead $9.    Sangria $7.    Barrel-Aged $9

Bottle:    Cider $13.99.    Mead $19.99.    Sangria $17.99.    Barrel-Aged $19.99

Brandy:    Cask Strength Shot $19.    Brandy / Moonshine Shot $10.    Half Pour $5.99.    Bottle $29



Branded Belgian Glass $9.    Branded Snifter $6.    Branded Teku Glass $9


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17812 South main st. carson, CA 90248  

sunday to wednesday 12pm-10pm  / thursdays 12pm - 11pm / fridays & Saturdays  12pm - 1am


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