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SoCal Vibes Drinks

Honest Abe Cider

SoCal Vibes Co. is home to the production facility of Honest Abe Cider, Southern CA's Original Cider House since 2014.


Come visit and sample the freshest, most unique ciders and meads on the West coast. Go home happy with cans and growlers of your new favorite offerings and limited releases.

SoCal Vibes Ciders

“Wipeout" High & Dry champagne ~ 8% ABV
"Best Coast" Semi-sweet Apple ~ 6.9% ABV

"Piña SoCalada" Fruity pineapple ~ 5% ABV
"Orange Sunshine" Mimosa Cider ~ 5% ABV
"Life's a Peach" Semi-sweet Peach ~ 5% ABV
"Sex Wax" Chocolate & Raspberry ~ 5% ABV


Devil City Winery
Sinnamon Cabarnet ~ 12% ABV
Cosmo Grigio ~ 12% ABV

House Sangria by the pitcher
Red Apple ~ 10% ABV
Pineapple Rose ~ 10% ABV

Craft Beers


Mexican Lager


Hazy IPA

West Coast IPA

Double IPA

Amber Ale



Straight Up Michelada
Fruit Cart Michelada

Honest Abe Ciders

"Bombegranate" California pomegranates~ 7% ABV

Chai Pumpkin Spice ~ 7% ABV

"Limoncello" Lemon & Honey ~ 7% ABV

"PB&J" Peanut Butter & Rotating Jams ~ 7% ABV

"Berry White" Strawberry & Cranberry ~ 7% ABV

"Mexican Lollipop" Watermelon Habanero ~ 7% ABV


Dry Mead ~ 8.5% ABV

Semi-Sweet Wildflower ~ 8.5% ABV

Lychee ~ 8.5% ABV

Passion Fruit ~ 8.5% ABV

Blueberry ~ 8.5% ABV

Passionfruit ~ 7% ABV


"Apple Pie Moonshine" ~ 24%

"SoCal's Original" Apple Brandy ~ 24%

"Founding Father" Black Cherry Brandy ~ 24%

brandy cocktails 

All made with our house made brandies

Blue Californian -
Honest Abe Brandy + Tropicali Cider blend + lager + coconut + Blue Curacao

Mangotini -
mango + Life's A Peach Cider +  Pineapple Cider

Spicy Margarita - Honest Abe Brandy + Limoncello Cider + Habanero + watermelon

SoCal Margarita - Honest Abe Brandy + Orange Sunshine + Limoncello 

Coffee Abraham - vanilla ice cream + Honest Abe Brandy + coffee liqueur

Where to Find Us

In addition to our brewery and tasting room, our craft ciders and meads are available at the following local eateries and bars. Thank you for your support!

-The Loft at LMU

-Santa Monica Brew Works
-Off Duty Wine Bar

-Supply & Demand


-Disneyland (Buena Vista Street, Smokejumpers Grill)
-EJ's Pub


-Thunderbolt Pizza

-Union South Bay

-DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Carson

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